What makes a Master Lash Technician?

Using the title, ’Master’ in your title means something, it gives the reader information that you are at the top of your game, you have reached a standard that has been recognised within the industry.  So, just because you feel you are ‘just awesome’ at lashing and been practicing for a long time, without evidence and accreditation it is just the lasher’s opinion, and in my opinion, misleading to your colleagues and the general public.

To be awarded of this qualification not only requires a high degree of skill-sets, it also includes attributes such as having a continuous passion and drive to excel; unmeasured in a strong desire and willingness to learn and grow, continuously keeping up to date with new technologies and techniques to improve their skill-sets.

Just like there is a standard to become a certified lash technician, it is the same when qualifying onto the next level, and the next level – Lash Trainer/Educator.  Your title is a measure of your skill sets, ie Student Lash Technician, Certified/Professional Lash Technician, Master/Advanced Lash technician, Trainer/Educator Lash Technician.  And lash technicians, even highly skilled ones, are being misleading without achieving formal qualification and using the title.  It is the formal qualification that keeps the lash industry falling into disrepute.

If a lash technician has taken the time, money and effort to complete a formal advanced training programme, has been taught advanced techniques and skills and after further study has proved to provide a higher level of work by being judged by an approved training facility and been awarded the title of ‘Master’ or advanced, why should a lash technician who has not made the same effort use the same title?

Individuals who only conform to bits of the formal procedure proclaiming: ‘true mastery’ is not measurable, is only without ego, it’s only pure talent with no formal qualification, etc I believe can cause a lot of damage to a niche industry striving to be recognised and respected in the beauty profession to provide a certain level of skill to the general public.  Skill-sets are defined by qualification, both educationally and practically.  It is the measure used in all other occupations so why should our industry be any different?

When I set up the LASHacademy to teach this craft, I wasn’t able to do this because I thought I was good enough.  There were legal implications, firstly that in a professional environment, to be a lash professional you need to reach a certain level of competence.  As a trainer I had to prove that I was capable of teaching so I had to undertake a series of further qualifications and even after that I had to then provide an approved accredited course.  I worked hard to reach where I am at and it has been with a mixture passion, networking and formal education leading to formal qualifications.

Trainers at the LASHacademy are also required to complete a Master Advanced programme on top of the legal qualifications required to be a trainer.  This is so the LASHacademy are confident in providing the best type of lash training available.  We strive to provide outstanding training to our students, and we are blessed with some fabulous testimonials that qualify my statement.  But it is because we had to reach a standard, a formal standard, before we could be recognised in providing quality training to our students.

Being a Master is seen as achieving a higher degree of education, so relating that to lash work it would imply a higher degree of skill-sets that are measurable. This is why we have accreditation which is a legal measure of degree of skill-set.  This is why we have accredited training schools, the school itself has to reach a level required to give the correct level of training to the students so they in turn can reach the level required to practice professionally.  This is why insurance companies only recognise accredited training schools.  It is illegal to practice lash extension work if the technician has not taken an accredited training course and is fully insured.

I say be respectful of the lash technicians who have taken the leap and who rightly call themselves ‘Masters’.

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