The Very Important Cancellation Policy

Lash technicians who do not have cancellation policies, or who have lenient or unenforced cancellation policies, do no favours for the lash profession.

There are multiple benefits of a good cancellation policy and the most important benefit is that you, the lash technician, show that you value your time even when your clients have other plans.

We all want convenience and flexibility as all our lives are so busy and as a lash technician we want to offer an effective service, be available at minimal disruption but never to our inconvenience.  So when a client fails to show for an appointment, without giving notice, it’s up to you to instill discipline.  Because without doing this, your clients will learn that your time and PROFESSIONAL VALUE is not important to you.

How do we provide an excellent service that meets your clients and protects you the lash technician?  Clients, if allowed, will display commitment avoidance so it’s important to display structure and personal responsibility and must stick to the boundaries you have set.

Enforce the Cancellation Policy

If you start to engage in being lax in allowing clients to turn up habitually late, re-schedule last minute changes or re-book no show clients you are part of the problem because by being helpful you become more harmful as clients learn to respect you and your work less.

But it’s so difficult isn’t it?  We are so timid and accommodating to unreasonable behaviour.  We are reluctant, often apologetic, when charging for missed sessions.  We don’t want to upset our clients, but remember we display neediness for their bad custom.  And client’s are not silly, if we don’t enforce a cancellation policy we have shown them we don’t value our time, so why should they?  We do get what we deserve.

Value yourself and your skills

A solid cancellation policy makes it crystal clear that to receive a great set of lashes from yourself, requires respect of your time.  A good cancellation policy protects you, the lash technician.  There is a financial aspect to your work and financial compensation when clients miss appointments is part of the agreement to use your services.

Make sure that your existing clients and new clients are fully aware of your cancellation policy.  Not making your clients aware is bad practise on your part and misleading if a client fails to attend their appointment and you make your demand.

How long is good enough?

It’s completely up to you, a 24 hr notice is the usual, but unless you can fill that spot in that time frame, this does not protect you.  A too flexible cancellation policy is just as bad as not having one at all!

A good cancellation policy is clear and should be disclosed at the first lash appointment and followed through during the course of infills.  Clients should understand their obligations to pay for missed appointments and you the lash technician should feel confident when charging for cancelled appointments.

Remember, ‘I am here for your appointment whether you turn up or not’.

With love
Francesca xx


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