The Art of the Client Consultation

Client consultations allow customers to build trust and verbalize expectations. Committing to spending 3-5 minutes before applying a set of full lashes to a consultation, is super important!

As a lash technician you want to make sure you and your client are both on the same page about what kind of lashes they are after, the lash style, the cost, the amount of maintenance (yes, they need reminding!) and a dozen other questions you or they, might have.

It does not matter how wildly talented or educated a technician might be, if she does not make the connection during the consultation, the possibility of a repeat customer will diminish by the minute. Take the time and listen to what your client wants, educate her about products that will enhance her natural beauty or she might walk away disillusioned with you and dissatisfied.

Word of mouth is still a very powerful method of advertising! Make sure your customer walks away with a song in her heart, a flutter in her lashes and praise you to all her friends!

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Happy Lashing!


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