Benefits Of Individual Eyelash ExtensionsHow do I take care of my new Eyelash Extensions?

Following these simple steps means your eyelash extensions could last indefinitely.

The first 24 hours

Avoid water!  That means NO showers, steam rooms, facials, hot steam when cooking and absolutely NO crying.  Keep your hair away from your face and oh, NO TOUCHING!

Daily Care

Daily Skin Care.  Use a face-cloth to clean your face.

Removing make-up.  Use a water based make-up remover with micro-fibre brushes -these brushes have no filiments so won’t catch on your extensions (available in the shop).  Alternatively use a cotton bud carefully along the lashline.

Showering.  Avoid running water directly on your lashes.  Whilst the lashes are waterproof they are not jet-spray-in-your-face proof!

Gym Fanatics.  Use a headband so the sweat doesn’t fall into your eyes.  Wear goggles when swimming.  Wear eye glasses when cycling.

LASH styling.  Use a spoolie/clean mascara wand and gently brush them after your shower 2-3 times a week.  If a lash twists, brush them so that they place themselves on top of an existing lash.

Never, Never, Ever..

If you want your lashes to last, NO rubbing your eyes, NO mechanical lash curling, NO mascara, NO pillow-snogging when sleeping, NO pulling your lashes and never, never, ever anything OIL BASED on your lashes!

The very best advice for longevity..

Ladies, leave them alone and DON’T TOUCH THEM!  Oh, did I say NO mascara, I did right?