NEW STOCK! The C.05’s are in!!

Our new 0.05 C Curl lash extensions in individual single size extension trays are in!

We happy to launch the softest lashes on the market, the Francesca .05’s that are the easiest to fan from the strip.  These lashes are simply the best to create the most fluffy and voluminous look using the volume or ‘Russian volume’ technique upto 14D in lash application.

These lashes can also be used for classic accent applications such as cap & stack, feathering and layering techniques.

With each lash in a consistent curl and length with a black, silky soft finish, the trays come in 16 rows with approximately 7500 lashes or upto 500 lashes per row.

We’ve launched this lash in the C Curl which is the most popular curl that gives the best natural uplift to the client’s eyes.

This Month’s Offer!

Take advantage of our introductory offer of £10.99 per tray for this month only!  Grab a bargain before the offer ends!!



There is a variety of lash thickness ranging from .5mm to upwards of .15mm for volume, or Russian volume application.  As the lash trend evolves, the lighter lashes are becoming more popular.  For best results, for 2D we recommend .12’s, for 3-4D we recommend .10’s, for 4-7 we recommend .07’s and for mega volume upto 14D we recommend .05’s.  


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