New Season, New LASH style!

Spring is possibly here, although I will not get my hopes up just yet with the erratic weather in the UK! However, let us stay optimistic and say “Spring is here” and I am sure New Year’s resolutions has long gone now that it has been a few months since some of us might have dropped the ball…..and lost some of the January steam!

So maybe now might be the opportune time to re-think some of those resolutions and reshape a New You and New solutions for your business? And what better way to start by adopting a New LASHstyle to keep up with trends?

Customers want to feel that they are in the hands of a technician that has done her homework and will not let them leave their salon sporting last season’s look! Imagine the embarrassment when your client confidently turn up for her weekly social with the rest of the LASHladies that Lunch, only to feel like last year’s leftover? Off course if your customer insist on the same look from last season, you can only offer advice and guidance but at least you prove that you have the foresight to stay on trend.

Diverse menus are a far greater income generating tool, than simply sticking to what you feel confident doing as a technician. Make sure you invest in yourself and your techniques by further LASH education or manuals to help you feed your confidence.

Lashes this spring are all about creating a dainty, softer look but still keeping the length! Think a bit more natural than a thick fake fringe and take yourself back to doe-eyed 60s make up with feathery lashes. The natural flare or cat eye style works perfectly to create the super sex-kitten look! The feminine 1960’s look are very in Vogue for Spring, but no matter what they style, one thing is for sure, impressive sweeping lashes are this upcoming season’s must-have!

Do you feel confident enough to create this look? If not, email now for a prospectus on our courses or visit our website for the amazing manuals on offer! or



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