NEW MASTERCLASS! Multi-lash – The 6D Effect

The LASHacademy, the versatile, innovative training school that is at the forefront of the latest trends and new technologies, are excited to be launching our newest masterclass; Multi-lash – The 6D Effect.

Lashes demand to be full, but what do you do when the client simply doesn’t have the volume of natural lashes to create that fab dense lashline?  It’s so important to ensure that each natural lash is independent from each other.

With new developments in synthetic lashes, and of course the authentic mink lashes, lashes are now light enough to place more than one on each natural lash.  Use multi-lash pick-up with 2D – 6D lash GLAMOUR!

So how can you respect the health of the client’s natural lashes and still exceed your client’s expectations with individual lash extensions?  How to use the super thin lashes to create fabulous THICKNESS!

Placing multiple lashes one by one can become very time consuming.  Learn how to ‘Grab & Fan’ using the super thin lashes to improve your SPEED!

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The LASHacademy is an internationally accredited training provider providing the most personal training and latest developments in lash artistry.


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