Lashes are more fun when you double it

As we are coming up to the Batty-bride to be wedding season, it is important as a lash technician that you are equipped with a variety of lash extensions techniques to ensure you can cater to all the requests from strung out brides and give the best advice possible to ensure they shine on their big day!

In this discussion, we will look at some of the many ways of creating double the fun and lusciousness to help them bat those lashes on the day at their new man to be. By doubling up on the natural look application of Classic extensions, you can emphasize the eyes with a more layered style and a full and textured effect.

Consider the groundbreaking Volume technique, which is the application of multiple lashes to one single natural eyelash, individually isolating one natural eyelash at a time. For this you will use super soft and very thin lashes in order not to overload the natural lashes. If two eyelash extensions are applied to one natural lash it’s described as 2D, if three eyelash extensions are applied to one natural eyelash it’s described as 3D and you can go up a full glamor set of 6D lashes! Look at the Foundation Volume Course for more info.

Want to advance your classic lash skills? Then consider our Classic Master Advanced Course which covers a variety of advanced application techniques like Stacking, a the technique of doubling up 2 eyelash extensions, creating a y-effect, one on top of each other with variations of lengths and thicknesses to give the lashes a more “fluffed or wispy”  volume look.

If your customer is after length more than volume, then consider Capping, another advanced application technique, which is the method of overlapping with another lash 1/3 way down the main eyelash extension.

Are you up to date with all these techniques? If not, don’t delay and book your space on our Volume Foundation or Classic Master Advanced training now!

Alternatively, browse our range of manuals that cover these techniques in detail!




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