Lash maintenance – In the rain!

One of the questions I get asked frequently by customers coming in for a set of lash extensions are whether extensions are waterproof or not!  So I am taking this opportunity to discuss a great topic after the umpteenth emergency booking from a new client, Sally, who rushed into my salon for a last minute booking to repair a disastrous set of poor quality extensions from another technician. And after her new set of lashes and a firm talking to about taking care of them in the rain, the shower and any other water related activities, she left my salon happy!

Because yes, eyelash extensions are waterproof but don’t take this statement at pure face value, because it doesn’t mean you can drench them all the time and expect to have wonderful eyelashes every time. They will stay waterproof in moderation. It’s like having a waterproof case for you phone. It does protect it against water but that doesn’t mean every time you see water you should test it! Waterproof eyelashes are made more for use during showers and baths, and for being outside in the rain. However, they weren’t developed for excessive swimming or sauna usage where perspiration could damage the lashes and weaken the glue. One of the most obvious ways to make sure your eyelash extensions stay in good shape is to cut down on how much contact they make with water.

Obviously when you get caught in a rain shower, it is not always possible to dash into the nearest trendy little coffee shop to wait it out, so make sure you always carry a set of over-sized sunglasses with you, just in case. Yes, people might stare and give you awkward looks, but just think of the lovely lashes you are protecting and give them your most fabulous Greta Garbo stair!

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