How will you achieve your dream?

I have noticed over the last year or two that there has been a surge of trainers that have launched independently after being part of bigger team.  Now everyone has the right to pursue their own business dreams but there are ways and means of doing it.

This reminds me of a time I had taught and mentored two trainers by devoting my time, extensive experience and money into them becoming excellent trainers for the LASH Academy.  After a short time they both left and I realised I had trained a competitor for free as a few months later these trainers set up their own partnership with my training methods, my business processes and documentation.

To say I was gutted was an understatement. I was looking to build a strong team so we could all work together but they wanted their own business – and that’s what they did – but took all my funding and all my resources and my goodwill and my TRUST and completely did me over!

It was a tough time – and a time that made me seriously question all that I was doing and how I was doing it.  If their true intentions were presented to me at the beginning, I doubt I would have invested so much into them, at my expense.

The cost of pursuing for their breach of contract was going to be time and money consuming and probably not too successful.  I decided to focus on the positive and moved on and let them get on with it.

A period of reflection followed this. Had I not given enough? Had I been too trusting? Had I not really read the character of these ladies? Was it me? Possible yes to all of that – but in the end the moral of this story is in business shit happens. And all you can do is to understand that as much as you safeguard your business against such events, as morally upright as you can be, and as generous and supportive you are – one day someone will bite the hand that has fed it. That’s business.

What have I learnt from this?  Obviously, to make sure my contract is tight and what highlights the ramifications of acting against my business interests!  But more importantly understand that in a lifetime in business, some people just won’t play fair, greed is a very powerful motivator and regardless of how well you treat your team sometimes it won’t be enough. It is THEM not you and you just can’t budget for that.

With a team comes risk. Don’t expose yourself to too much but understand that the powerful motivator of greed can overwhelm even the people you thought you trusted the most. Tough but true.  On a side note, I believe in karma, these trainers are no longer in a partnership – and I have a great team of lash trainers working at the LASH Academy.

I certainly support anyone who wants to raise the reputation of the industry but be classy, be unique.  It is my business to help lash techs be outstanding, I love it,  and I will help any lasher to develop their own successful businesses.

There is always enough business to go round but ask yourself how are you going to go about and get it?  Remember your business ethics.


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