How to make your eyes look bigger

Eyes are use so much more than to simply see where we are going or what is before us! We use them to also express emotions and flirt to attract others. So the secret is to make your eyes look stunning, without overdoing it or looking overly false.

Eyelash extensions are a great way to make the eyes big and alluring! Many women wear push-up bras or a “maximizer” and there is nothing to be ashamed about. So how about giving your lashes a “push-up”? Lash extensions will add extra volume and make your eyes look more defined and fantastic without any make up and give you the extra benefit of not having to deal with those ugly mascara smudging that is all too common.

So why not book yourself an appointment for a set of fabulous lashes at Lash by Francesca?  Just be aware of the envious friends and strings of drooling admirers.

Don’t delay and book your appointment now on 02033 713 513 so you sport a set of sexy Babydoll lashes, the perfect look to sport this Easter!



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