How to look good when you are sick

Waking up feeling sick is no fun, especially when you have to go to work for that all important conference meeting. You may feel even worse when you look at yourself in the mirror and have that washed out look you only get from being sick. There are however ways to avoid looking like a zombie when you are sick.

Lash extensions make you look perky even when you are not! With a little lip gloss and some tinted moisturizer, you are ready to go. No need to spend hours on applying makeup in the hopes that you can hide the sleepless night and zombie eyes as lash extensions makes your eyes look naturally open and healthy looking! Being sick will never stop me from getting a set of eyelash extensions, I simply accept I need to be patient and might need a refill in between my normal appointment routine. And remember, whatever you do, do not scratch your eyes!

However, if you already have a cold, wait until it is over to get some lash extensions. They will not last long due to irritation and secretions from the eye area. Be patient and expect a bigger infill at next appointment.

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