How long is too long?

As I am sure, most of you like me, do not have you own make-up artist at hand to trim your lashes if they are too long and I cannot imagine going anywhere near my own eyes with a pair of scissors! Why on earth would I want to trim a newly attached set of lash extensions you ask? Because sometimes, long can be too long ladies.

Now I know we all dream secretly of a set of lashes that will eclipse the moon when you bat them or knock pedestrians of the side walk when you swoop by, but the reality is that too long lashes does not always live up to the dream. Suzie, a new client of mine, came crashing into my salon one day with a set of lashes that was obviously too long, not suited the natural shape of her eyes and after a few days of uncomfortable wear, she decided to give it a trim. Needless to say, a somewhat lopsided and not entirely symmetrical cut job resulted in removal and replacement. She now understands that sometimes the technician might know best……and takes on board any advice given to her about adjusting a season trend with her natural shape.

My advice is always, if your lashes sweep the inside of your glasses, you are reaching the max. Exceeding lashes that hit the midpoint between your lash line and eyebrow, is probably excessive. Feel comfortable with your technician and let her guide you.

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