Educational Programmes Available

Experience the most innovative training in lash application and lash artistry.  Our exclusive and comprehensive programmes provide the safest and most natural eyelash extensions procedures.  We don’t just offer courses, we offer programmes to suit all levels from personal coaching, specific skill building and advanced technologies.

  • Salon Coaching Programme – Be spoke training and education for salons that have existing lash technicians who wish to advance their skill-sets or salons wishing to offer this service.  Perfect for salons with 3 or more staff.
  • Personal Coaching Programme – Bespoke training and education for independent lash professionals who want to be at the top of their game.

Training Courses Available

Individual eyelash extensions are a delicate process and a skill to be admired.  The reality is you get what you pay for with standard training.  Be a success and demand more from yourself and your business.  Lash artistry provides added value to your clients because their expectations are exceeded.  Your clients will appreciate and love you for it.

We don’t just teach how to apply lash extensions, we educate on lash artistry with how to style and design treatments in individual eyelash extensions.

  • Classic Foundation Certificate (Beginner) – from beginner to professional technician.
  • Classic Refresher Certificate (Beginner – Intermediate) – for professionals wishing to achieve the LASH Academy standard.
  • Classic Masters Diploma (Intermediate – Advanced) – for existing lash technicians wishing to advance their skills to become an eyelash extension specialist.
  • Volume Foundation (2-5D/General) Certificate (Intermediate – Advanced) – for lash artists wishing to advance their skills in the multi-lash technique, favoured by the Russians.
  • Volume Advanced (6-14D/Hyper) Certificate (Advanced) – for lash artists wishing to advance their skills in the multi-lash technique, favoured by the Russians.

LASHacademy courses are fully accredited by the The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists.

LASH Academy Master-classes

For lash technicians who wish to improve on the basics.  We don’t just train, we deliver continuous skill development and on-going support for your business needs.  Available Masterclasses are:

  • LASH Maps – Advanced Design.  Technician to Artiste.  
  • Double Volume.  
  • Express Lashes.  Using the ‘closed-eye’ application method for applying bottom lash and express/party lash extensions.
  • LASHmarketing – Learn how to successfully market your lash business.  Successful marketing will lead to a full appointment diary!

LASH Academy Mentor Sessions

For lash technicians who want one to one time with a Master.  Need to speed up your application time?  Having problems with your adhesive and clients not keeping lashes on?  Can’t create super full looks?  A mentor session can help tweak and improve skills to up your game and produce super lash results.

Whatever your level within the lash industry, we have something that will help you!
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