The lash business just gets more and more popular!

The lash industry has taken the beauty world by storm and if you’re not offering lash extensions you are missing out.  Missing out on new clients, missing out on increased business and most of all missing out on REVENUE!

Individual eyelash extensions provides up to 200% in length, thickness and curl to natural lashes and guarantees better results than eyelash tints, perms and wearing mascara.

The popularity of this treatment is consistently growing year after year and there are no signs that this is going to change.  Lash extensions are here to stay and if your business hasn’t taken this treatment on … you’re missing a huge opportunity.

A part-time job with a full-time salary!

You really can earn more by working less.  Each treatment can provide up to a 95% profit margin which makes this treatment a real ‘bread and butter’ service to any beauty salon, independent lash technician or home-based part-timer.

A talented lash technician can earn a full time salary on part-time hours!

Not just for beauty professionals..

You don’t have to be a beauty therapist to learn how to apply great natural looking false eyelashes. 

Whilst it’s essential for beauty school students, salon & spa professionals and make-up artists, it’s also a great opportunity to create a part-time occupation, creating a home-based business and being your own boss!

Get the right kind of lash extension training

It’s important to get the right kind of training, not just because it’s a legal requirement to be trained, certified and insured before you can practise semi-permanent eyelash extensions. You also want to provide a great service to your clients and to do that you need to receive the best training!

Lash extension application is not as simple as it seems. Working near the eyes requires precision, skill and thorough professional training.

As a business who’s been around since the boom of lash enhancement I’ve noticed the variety and quality varies immensely from technician to technician.  To meet high expectations of clients we offer training at the LASH Academy which is an accredited specialised training school with The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists where we ONLY train in lashes.

And because we only train in lashes we have a wealth of experience and are seen as the experts.

How do I know the LASH Academy is right for me?

And that’s a great question.  You are right to question where to spend your hard earned money and ensure that you are going to get a great investment.

Your top benefits in training with us are:

  • All students receive a comprehensive training programme with personal help and on-going support for you to become a competent professional.
  • Re-train for FREE at our group courses or book FREE personal mentor sessions for students who have attended private training.
  • Once you are accredited as a professional, you will provide a higher level of skill to treatments which in turn will promote a healthy repeat business revenue stream.
  • We’ll teach you the technique that ensures no pain, no fuss, just a purely relaxing treatment.  Your clients will feel they are receiving two treatments instead of one – that’s added value to your clients.

100% attention with your trainer – VIP/Private Tutor

Get the unique opportunity to learn the art of individual eyelash extensions directly from Francesca Middleton, one of the UK’s leading Master eyelash technicians or one of our highly knowledgeable and skilled Master lash technician trainers.

Francesca believes that to get the best type of training you need quality time with your trainer so we only provide one on one training courses – that’s 100% attention with your trainer.

All LASH Academy training courses are bespoke; tailored to suit your needs and Francesca accepts one student per course, which means personal, one-to-one training and ensures that all LASH trainee technicians receive first class support at all times.

Our mission to you is to exceed your expectations.

Education in lash ARTISTRY

You won’t just learn  how to apply lash extensions, we educate on lash artistry with how to style and design treatments in individual eyelash extensions.  You don’t get that anywhere else!  We know this because our students who have trained elsewhere have told us.

We understand to provide luxurious treatments require lash technicians to have premium skills and premium products – we’ll show you how to use premium MINK, SILK and Authentic Real Mink lashes.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what other people say about our courses…

  • I trained and completed my basic eyelash extension course with Francessca back in 2010…I have been a part time eyelash technician up until now and slowing built my client base. I felt I wanted to improve my skill set so decided to do the advanced training with Francessca.  I feel her training is exceptional, you are trained on a 1:1 basis and gain new skills, tips & techniques from one of the best lash masters in the industry. My business is growing weekly and I put this down to everything I’ve learned from Francesca and the Lash Academy.  Thankyou xx Kelly Gay, Watford

  • I cannot recommend Francesca’s courses enough and I think her technique and expertise is the best in the industry.Sam Gregory, Essex

  • Francesca is truely inspirational! The training I had was excellent and I have a better understanding of doing lash extensions.  I am looking forward in doing more training with her!Caroline Walton, Norfolk

  • I’m obsessed with lashing and strive to give my best to my deserving clients so I read, watch, practice, reflect, study, analyse, question everything and go on courses! By far the most outstanding experience has been my Classic Master training with Francesca at the Lash Academy. Worth every penny, worth taking that precious time out of my hectic diary and definitely worth the trip to London from Bristol! An exceptional talent, true master of this art and science and fab trainer who’s encouraged me to be more creative and achieve even better results from my work in terms of style and retention – and with my obsession, I wasn’t sure that was possible! I’m so proud to have passed her highly acclaimed Masters course with ‘flying colours’. That’s one certificate of achievement that I’ll be very proud to display on my treatment room wall! Thanks Francesca and everyone at Lash Academy. I commend you!Julie Knight, Bristol

  • I now have the expertise to design a large number of lash styles and to customise each style to each client’s unique features.  Now an expert in correctional eyelash application, I apply these advanced techniques and also advanced texturing to my lash sets to create superior styles. Aoife Durity, Ireland

  • The LASHacademy is first class for training. I still get compliments on my technique!Jenna Nye, Weybridge

  • Francesca is an excellent teacher and the training courses give you so much more then learning the technique on how to apply a set of eyelash extensions.Kimberley Fry, Basingstoke

AND we offer a guarantee with all our courses


We are so confident in the quality of our training if you are not completely satisfied after qualifying we will refund your course AND pay for you to attend another course with another provider of your choice! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


What have you got to loose?  Request a copy of our latest LASH Academy Prospectus and see how we can help you!

LASH with passon!

Francesca xx

PS – If you’re after outstanding training, this is the course for you.

PPS – There is no risk in requesting a prospectus – find out even more information on how we can help you become the best!

Who is Francesca anyway?!

Francesca Middleton, a Master certified technician and Trainer qualified runs a successful specialist salon in individual eyelash extensions in London when not providing training courses.  Francesca’s clients are always being told how beautiful their lashes are and is happy to know all her clients are consistently very happy.