Holiday Lashes – Are you promoting this?

If you’re not offering this treatment, you are missing out on extra revenue.

The LASHsalon has been busy with my part-timers, the ladies who come in only when they are off on holiday.  Because from night-time partying to beach bronzing it, lashes make the perfect companion so many ladies who don’t wear lash extensions throughout the year come in for their annual lash treat so they don’t worry about their lashes on holiday.

Just think… no more waterproof mascara, no ugly smudges, but glorious, long, gorgeous, perfect lashes. A little lip gloss, sunscreen, maybe a tinted moisturizer, and you are good to go!

One less thing to worry about and a mascara free holiday. 

I generally promote a full classic set of individual lash extensions just a little longer than the client’s natural lashes but there are a few other alternatives.  Have you thought about LASHexpress lashes which is perfect for a one or two week holiday or some Russian Volume lashes for extended holiday trips as they generally lash a month or more before requiring an infill?

It’s important to keep up to date with trends and techniques, and that means qualified in these skills, so if you haven’t booked a course in how to provide these lash treatments, email Quinze to discuss your options on

Remember to LASH with passion!
Francesca x



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