Double Up Your Lashes!

This year’s wedding season has been crazy – we’ve had so many brides this year wanting lashes, and not just regular lashes, we’re talking ‘bridal lash envy’ lashes!  The full classic style lashes have become the regular daily wear lashes so on special occasions the lash demands are more, more, more!

And now with the summer season in full swing, there’s no let up on client’s choosing bigger lash treatments for the summer holidays.  Our most popular lash treatment right now is the Double Volume lashes!

By doubling up on the natural look application of classic extensions, you can emphasize the eyes with a more layered style and a full and textured effect.  Can you cater to the requests from clients looking for a holiday lash look and give the best lash treatment so they shine during their holiday?

The Russian volume lash techniques require dedication to master, not to mention a patient client with sessions taking up to three hours, so a great intermediate service has been our Double Volume lashes – twice the volume in under an hour, and fully isolated so a damage free lash treatment.

Are you a lash technician looking to expand your skills?

Consider the effective double volume technique, which is the application of individual multiple lashes to one natural eyelash, individually isolating one natural eyelash at a time.  Look at the Double Volume course for more info.

You can still create density by advancing your classic lash skills! Consider our Classic Masters course which covers a variety of advanced application techniques like Layering, Feathering, Cap & Stack, Weave and 2D not to mention so much more!

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