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From the beginning of Francesca’s lash career, she has been prolific in ensuring her skills are at the top of her lash game.  As a leader in the industry Francesca is always looking to develop new techniques or skills and loves to share the many new and innovative ideas to the students at the LASH Academy.

For dedicated lash technicians who have the same passion of improving their lash skills, the LASH Academy are here to inspire and educate in being able to teach the skills to create outstanding lashwork.

Unfortunately, not all training facilities have the same passion and commitment to excel the industry and from a student’s perspective how do they know who are reputable trainers and which ones to avoid?

Here’s our helpful guide to help you make the right choice when choosing a lash training school… What to look for when choosing a lash extension training course

Accredited vs Non-accredited
Did you know it is ILLEGAL to provide lash extension treatments without formal qualifications and the necessary insurance in the UK?  ALWAYS choose a course that will give you a formal qualification ie provides an accredited training course with an accredited certificate/diploma.

Courses that provide a certificate of attendance are not formal qualifications and you will not be able to obtain insurance with these certificates.  Never waste your time and money on these courses.

Question to ask.  Is this course accredited and with who?

Reputation of School
Previous experience from students is always a good measure to see how you would fit in with their training style and whether it’s the right type of training for you.  Testimonials from past students provides a helpful guide but remember different students look for different benefits, ie one student prefers personal attention whilst another prefers a day course.

Just because a training school has a big promotional presence, it doesn’t mean they are the best or have the right type of training facility for you.

Question to ask.  How long has the school been providing training?

School or Trainer
Whilst a good reputation of the training school is important, what is more important are the trainers who are going to deliver the training.  Look at the trainer’s lashwork and ask how long she has been in the lash industry.  Not all trainers are created equal!  Do you want to learn how to do lashes or how to be the best at doing lashes by the best?

Question to ask.  Who will be training me and what is her experience level? 

Size of Class
The size of class could have an impact on how effective you learn and pick up the skills of lash extension application.  Believe it or not, lash application is a very precise skill and not so easy to do at first, so you need to decide whether a group course with a percentage of the trainer’s time or a personal 121 course with 100% of the  trainer’s time is what you need.

Question to ask.  How many students will be on the course?

Duration of Course
Are you looking for a half day, full day or multiple day course?  Perhaps you are busy and want to attend a quick course or perhaps you live too far away from the training school so multiple day courses might be difficult or expensive to attend, especially if you have to come back on different dates.

Remember, the best kind of training is one that provides theory, skill-building and practical elements of the course and includes an assessment.

Question to ask.  How long does the course run?

Price of Course
We have to be careful with our pennies and invest wisely.  Unfortunately the quote, ‘buy cheap pay twice’ is very relevant to quality training.  If you want to receive the best type of training, you will be looking to pay a premium.

But also look at what you get for that.  Do you get a mentoring session, do you get bespoke training to suit you, do you get additional training and help and support?  Cheaper training usually means payment for the course with no support afterwards and if you are serious about being a super lash technician you’ll end up paying for a refresher course with another trainer.

Question to ask.  What is included in the course?

Post Course Mentoring/Aftercare
Learning lashes takes time and you will not digest all the information at your training course.  In time you will have questions and queries that need clarification.  Always look for a training school who will make themselves available to questions, or better still allow you come back for further training that’s included in your course.

A training school that allows you to come back so that your skill improvement is monitored and tweaked ensures you develop the best skills is worth their weight in gold!

Question to ask.  What support do you provide after the course?

Product Kit
Does your course include a kit?  And what kind of kit is it?  Check to ensure your kit will have all the products you need whilst you are learning and practising your skills.  Check that you will have the correct amount of lashes to provide a full set.  Some kits come with sample curls, thicknesses and lengths so you may have to purchase additional lashes at your course.

Question to ask.  Will my kit have all the products to provide a full set of lashes?

Training Dates
Are you flexible with when you can train?  Some training companies have fixed dates and others provide bespoke dates to suit you.

Some courses require you, the student, to be a model for another student for upto 2 hours and other courses use models.  Think about your preference, would you like to be a model in your training or use all the time learning and having a model to practise on.

Question to ask.  Will I be required to be a model?

Any further questions, please call us on 0203 371 3513 or email

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