Be a MASTER in the craft of lash extensions

I wrote a very extensive piece a while ago on my thoughts about what makes a “Master Lash Technician” In summary, I felt that having Master in your title, really means something. It gives the reader information that you are the top of your game and have reached a standard that is recognized within the industry. In addition, I felt it also includes attributes such as having a continuous passion and drive to excel; unmeasured in a strong desire and willingness to learn and grow, continuously keeping up to date with new technologies and techniques to improve their skill-sets.

This is still a very close topic to my heart as I still experience clients coming to my salon, begging for a “fix” to correct what can only be described as an injustice to the reputation of an industry that so many of us strive to uphold. Just because these technicians feel they are ‘just awesome’ at lashing and been practicing for a long time, without evidence and accreditation it is just the lasher’s opinion, and in my opinion, misleading to your colleagues and the general public.

I recently asked some highly esteemed Lash Professionals, what their thoughts are on the following: “What according to you makes someone a Master in their craft of lash extensions?”

“Someone who has taken a lot of continuing education, and has some years of experience, and does perfectly clean beautiful lashes”

“All of the above, plus a person who can do a complete full range of lash techniques (not only extensions) to the highest possible standards”

“Master” is an experienced and educated technician that can cope with all “lash problems”, such as damaged lashes, short and tiny, “difficult” lashes… – a technician that can confidently answer 99% client’s questions and get them the effect they want and CAN have”

From this, I think the clear indication is that they all agree being a Master is seen as achieving a higher degree of education, so relating that to lash work it would imply a higher degree of skill-sets that are measurable.

So don’t be left behind and strive to be become one of the best eyelash technicians and ultimately, a technician who can rightly call themselves a Master. Book your space now on our Classic Master Advanced Course by clicking on the link below or email for more info and available dates.


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