Back to school – back to lashes!

What a summer it has been! This year we enjoyed a summer so warm and sunny that even perpetual naysayers were too busy relaxing at the beach to complain. However, the cosy Autumn season is now upon us and mums have switched gears – from chilled out entertainment on the beach to hectic early, grab and go mornings whisking the kids off to school. One of my ladies, Gemma, is especialy busy – with several kids in different grade levels she has her hands full as she works full-time too! How does a mum with so much to do even think about having time to stay looking gorgeous?

Lash extensions by LASHbyFrancesca, of course! Being constantl on the go like Gemma, she knows lashes are a saviour in the busy upcoming autumn days. Lash extensions are a huge help to get Gemma out the door looking beautiful and well-rested. Lash extensions open your eyes, so even on the days when Gemma hasn’t had her best night’s sleep, she still looks perky. LASHbyFrancesca extensions also enhance Gemma’s ability to get up and get ready quickly.

The easier her personal make up routine, the better, she tells me, so we book a time for her to get her lashes done, turning her into a ONE MINUTE make up wonder! Amazing, Gemma!

Are you curious how much time you can save in the morning? Then book an appointment today on 0203 371 3513


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