Are You Promoting Your Business Effectively?

Or are you the Picasso in the basement?

None of us like aggressive promotions but if you’re not promoting yourself enough you are doing yourself a disservice.

Most lashers are heart-centred business owners and as such go to great lengths to avoid being pushy that it ends up having the exact opposite effect – being forgotten.  Becoming the ‘Picasso in the basement’ will do you no favours to your business.

So please, if you think this might be you, you might actually be losing out on clients so I want to encourage you:

  • Be a little bolder, a little more courageous on behalf of your clients and your business
  • Take a big deep breath and reach out even if it makes you nervous (nerves aren’t bad, nerves are the fuel of a successful business).
  • Have more confidence in your skills.  If necessary request a mentor session where we can help you find your focus and confidence.

Promote your passion!

You are passionate about what you do.   I know it.   It’s why you trained in doing lashes, it’s why you left your job to pursue this full time.  You know the impact it can have on people and it constantly frustrates you that more people are not aware of its value.  So when you get a chance, even the tiniest window of opportunity, help yourself and show your passion!

Use A Captivating Introduction
Get really clear on exactly the results that you can help achieve with your clients.  When someone asks you what you do, state your Captivating Introduction, and then stop talking.  Pay attention to their response.   Have their eyes just glazed over?   Or do they look excited and tell you that they really need to talk to you?  Or maybe quip that they really need to see you because you can create magic with their lashes!

Play a little Hard to Get
In sales, as in dating, less is more.  Hold back a little.  Let the other person do some of the chasing.  If your Captivating Introduction piques their interest they will ask you questions and that will give you the opportunity to tell them more.  If they don’t ask they are probably not interested, so you may as well save your energy for someone who is.

Invite them to a Next Step
Just as you wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on a first date, neither should you ask someone to buy from you on a first meeting.  Depending on how the conversation is going you might invite them to have a consultation.  Or you might offer to send them some useful information on lash extensions for free.   You might even say “it was lovely meeting you” and leave it at that.  (Honestly, sometimes that is the most sensible thing you can do).

Lower Resistance
Regardless of where on the continuum a potential client is and this could be anywhere from:

“Hm, I like the sound of that and I could have an interest in them in the future but not just yet”
“Oh, I’m looking for someone like you right now!”

It’s important that you let them know that they can explore possibilities with you without fear that you are going to be pushing them into having lashes or making them feel uncomfortable.   This helps to lower their natural resistance  (because nobody wants to be “sold to”) and helps them stay open to making the decision that is right for them.

Respect their time
If someone tells you they would love to have lash extensions but this month isn’t a good time, don’t push on regardless.  Let them know you understand and let them contact you when they are ready.

Let Go Gracefully
Finally, if someone isn’t showing an interest, then no matter how much you might perceive that they need your expertly applied lash extensions, let them go.   You would do far better to shift your energy on to someone who does want and need your services than waste it trying to convince someone who isn’t interested.

With love
Francesca x


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