Are You an OUTSTANDING Lasher Looking for More?

The LASHacademy, part of LASH by Francesca, has been proud over the years to have trained and be associated with some of the best lash extension trainers in the LASH industry. Through our mentoring and business support these highly skilled trainers have developed excellent reputations and have given their students the skills, with the help of the LASHacademy’s accredited courses and core values, to create their own highly successful businesses too.

The LASHacademy always put 100% effort into training our LASHtrainers because quality trainers produce quality technicians, but it always has to be remembered that students learn at different speeds.  At the LASHacademy we and our LASHtrainers have always recognised this, which is why we have provided one on one training courses and personal mentoring to student technicians throughout their training journey and afterwards in our help groups, where people can learn from each others experiences.

We have always believed that, ‘good enough will not do – we must be the best.’  That was the maxim we adopted years ago and it remains today.

We are always looking for exceptional lash technicians who are ready to become part of our team, who are leaders in this industry.  Must be confident and want to be part of a successful team.  We have a 100% success rate in building successful businesses and you must be committed to be a success.  This is not suited to anyone… we are looking for outstanding individuals who can deliver under pressure.

If this is you, Francesca would love to hear from you!  Contact her directly on


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