April Showers and Easter Bunny lashes!

April is finally here, another great extension of the Spring Season! However, this is also the month for the infamous “April Showers”…..but there is no need to let rain put a dampener on your mood…or your make-up!

Whether you get caught in a downpour of rain or a light sprinkling of drops, lash extensions are a foolproof way to ensure you do not sport a pair of panda eyes on your way to all that all important meeting. Now, I am talking about a good set of semi-permanent lashes which are water, sweat and tears resistant. Not the stick on strips of lashes that will hardly last past the first few drops of rain!

The Lash #1 Bonding glue adhesive used at Lash by Francesca is created to formulate a semi permanent bond, which dries soft, remains flexible and bouncy, causing absolutely no damage. The only thing to keep in mind, is to allow at least 24 hours after the treatment for the lashes and adhesive to bond and allow the treatment to become water and smudge proof. Ignore the stares and and simply sport a set of over sized sunglasses if you get caught in the rain, to protect your lashes!

This Easter, it is out with the Chocolate Eggs ladies, they are soooo last year….and in with a sexy set of lash extensions!

Why not try our best seller glue? You will not be disappointed! Help your customers sport a set of sexy Babydoll lashes, the perfect look for all the Easter Bunnies this month!



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