The No1 Beauty School for Classic, Advanced & Russian Volume Accredited Lash Training Courses and Professional Products in Individual Eyelash Extensions.  We help build successful lash businesses with our certified private tuition eyelash training courses and high performance products.

We look after you as we’re passionate about providing the best in eyelash extensions but don’t listen to us, listen to our happy and successful students and customers:

  • I have just passed my Classic Masters training and I have definitely improved stylistically which makes lashing way more interesting and client feedback has definitely not gone unnoticed. Before when a client will look in the mirror they were simply complimentary. Now clients are extremely complimentary, their elated expressions appear much louder, before it was wow, now it is WOW. I find that I didn’t keep as many regulars before, but now 3-4/5 clients book in in-fills which is great. So I know for a fact your teachings and techniques work masterfully.  I just wanted to say a hugggeee thank you for all your support. I have most definitely enjoyed this segment of your training and albeit it was harder (especially those hybrid sets) It was very fulfilling once the work was completed. Sada Cole, London

  • After attending Francesca’s Volume Foundation training, the volume lash technique has changed my whole career. I know that with these lashes I can customize my techniques to the individual. Not to say the classic lash is out dated, about 5% of my clientele have decided to stick with it. But volume lashes are definitely an upgrade to my business. My passion was reignited and I have a lot more interest in customizing the lash extensions to my clients need. Education is key. I plead to you, look into the volume technique as it is the way of the future. Volume lashes for the win!!! I am all for this new technique and my business is thriving because of it.Courtney Shaw, Durban, South Africa

  • I recently completed LASH by Francesca’s Classic Masters course and it has really made a difference to my technique. It has also given me the confidence to use different lashes and use more advanced styles on my clients. As a result the feedback I have had from my clients has been amazing, they love how natural looking and long lasting they are! I cannot recommend Francesca’s courses enough and I think her technique and expertise is the best in the industry.Sam Gregory, Essex

  • I just want to say a HUGE Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I absolutely love my lashes!  After being away and having had to see so many different technicians it’s even more obvious that there is simply no other lash technician like you!   Thank you for making me feel so “Glam”.  xxxxSarah Sanderson, London

  • Wow, I must say that I am more than thrilled with the real mink lashes that you delivered to me. They are gorgeous and the most natural lashes that I have worn!!  You do not even feel them.   All the time I thought I wore mink lashes but the real mink lashes from you are superb!  And also the glue is fantastic, no irritations, no itching.  I am so happy with these products.Lianne Tio, Netherlands

  • Francesca is dedicated to perfecting the eyelash extension industry as a whole, not just herself, her reputable company or her highly regarded lash academy. Building on a foundation of passion for all that is lashes she sincerely puts so much dedication into sharing and creating wonderful lashes not just for clients or mentoring pupils, but with other lashers near and far.Sherene Treat, USA


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